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Types of bench presses

Approaches lying with a bar super works all the muscles of the chest. Up, middle and bottom. The type of bench press lying in the classics of power sports. The basic exercise is designed to develop strength, mass of the most attractive part of the male body - the chest.

Classic bench press on a horizontal surface. It is with this exercise that the beginners of the gym need to start. Of course, given the weight of the shell.

Bench press on a bench with a tilt up. This type of bench press can also be attributed to the classics of basic exercises. The upper chest is being worked out. Using the exercise in your training program, you expand the chest and pouring becomes higher.

The bench option with the bench tilted down. This design is suitable for more advanced pitching. Unusual performance loads the lower chest. Rarely does anyone follow this approach. But if you see that the drawing of the lower part is behind from the top, feel free to include this exercise in the training.

type bench press

Bench press sitting. One type of bench press for working the shoulder girdle. The front and middle deltas work. With regular performance, the shoulders get a relief shape and volume.

Bench press sitting from behind the head. Want to get traced deltoid muscles of the anterior bundle. Also involved are the top of the trapeze, triceps.

I sometimes use a complicated version in my programs. Bench press from the chest and immediately behind the head for eight repetitions.

Narrow grip bench press. Great exercise for triceps arm point workout, upper chest, front delta included.

type bench press

Now go to the dumbbells. This is a kind of bench press as an isolated exercise..

Types of dumbbell pressesDumbbell bench press lying on a horizontal bench. In this exercise, the entire chest sways (top, middle, bottom). But the main load is taken by the middle of the chest.

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench. This approach thickens and gives power to the upper chest and strains the inner edge of the pectoralis major muscle..

Dumbbell bench press sitting. The front, middle delta is loaded. Option press in front of you from behind the head.

Accordingly, for all types of press you need to select the appropriate weight and correctly perform, observing the technical side. Today its all until we meet again. If you wish to supplement write in the comments. Best regards, Sergei. Connect to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition of friends, acquaintances, relatives. Become a beacon for them. After all, health cannot be bought for any money..